Friday, November 21, 2014

This is what my boyfriend does

ARISE Bum Jeans  and Cay Sweater
Suicide Dollz ARISE. Mala Facetattoo
V-Spot Reformed Preppie Sweater  and Skinny jeans
Image Essentials I'll Stand By You 

Sugar Suz shared my room and she talked about the pirate for hours. 'Daniel' was so handsome, so kind, so gentleman.
Dahllywood for The jerky Turkey Hunt Mini dress
StoraxTree Furniture - Rug
SKY Weekend sales!!  Punk Sophisticate Ivory
Tuty poses
'So famous in the world of porn cinema', i should have commented, but after 'stealing' her last ideal boyfriend from her, I didnt want to be the one to tell her.
Loordes of London
The Thrift shop  Make It So sweater- Sondrio jeans and Vermallion Slingbacks

L'Accessories Chieti Earrings
 Le Poppycock- poses
Ree said she had to know it, before she fell in love. Cause knowing Sugar Suz, that was a very quick process, and knowing the pirate, who was really a nice guy, (even Sexy liked him!) she was going to fall before we had time to blink.
Suicide Dollz ARISE. Mala Facetattoo

Umami was feeling very responsible, 'if we had been here they wouldnt have met', she kept saying.
EYELURE SALES 50%!!!   Shirt and jeans (mesh)
TAMELESS  Bunny hair
Le Poppycock- poses

It was a nice surprise when Silence appeared, but even having her love there, Umami couldnt help worrying.
We met Marlow and Ree at the cafe after class, and the boys were amazed at the news.

'Sugar Suz is in love with the pirate? No joking?' said Silence. And Marlow began laughing so much he almost fell from the chair.
They laughed like crazy making Ree and I smile, but not Umi.

'This is not funny. What if she takes him to meet her family?'

'Come on', I told her, 'in spite of his profession, he is a normal guy'.

Damn, why cant I keep my mouth shut... You better think twice when the boys are around :)

Moose Clothing Eric Tank Camel , male tshirt and unisex baggy pants
Dahllywood for The jerky Turkey Hunt Mini dress
Eternal Dream poses

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