Friday, November 7, 2014

Yes I did it

You are going to hear the rumours, so I will tell you about it first. Rum spent the night in my room last friday. BUT ... ok,  lets begin by the beginning.
OMG Exclusive: Tameless Softy Outfit
{NanTra} Poses

After we met in the street and i hit him with Sexy and her bag, we went up stairs to the flat.
We locked Sexy in Umi's room, and had dinner on the kitchen.
V-Spot Skinny Jeans
Sad November V-Spot Seattle Sweater
Apple Spice poses
He had rushed finishing his job so he could  finally come.

'But i am afraid i forgot my halloween outfit, so Im glad you dont feel like going to the party'.

It was raining not stop, the storm was over us, with terrile thunders.
The central heat was not working yet, and the flat was getting very cold. We wrapped in blankets and sat on the rug , watching the Teen Doll on tv ... A great excuse to whisper and stay close.
(old pose unavailable)
And suddenly we heard a monstruous thunder and all the lights turned off.
And then someone knocked on the door.
(more later)

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