Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lets go to the motel

There was something sure, we needed a place to spend the night. Specially cause it was getting dark very fast.
We checked how much money we had. Marlow count it and then he said if we were lucky and there was a McDonalds in the village, we could share ONE meal. ' I mean, a KIDS meal, and without extra nuggets'. 
Yeah. Not much. We had spent all we had last night. I didnt want to worry, but it was not the best night to sleep under a bridge.
Then Rum said 'dont panic',  he would pay for the motel.
'You cant do that, its a lot of money', Umami said, and he smiled and said it was ok.
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We all agreed it was going to be big money, and we all would pay him back ... as soon as we could. The owner of the restaurant sent us to the motel and locked his door as soon as we and our bags were out.
And there we went. 
(to be continued)
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