Sunday, December 7, 2014

Loulou's wedding (6)

Loulou called to say she was a bit late. Sugar Suz told her, no problem, we all are ready waiting for you and wearing fancy, and she said, oh no no no, please, casual and comfy, I am dying to leave my heels!
Cute Curse Candy Purse  vip gift
  Hanna Skirt w/HUD
 Streetwalkers boots
Merry Wishes Sweater Lilac WOMENSTUFF Gift
{NanTra} Poses
SLC  Mesh Outfit Winter Love green
Marukin Pose

So the boys shouted 'halleluja!' and took off ties, and we changed to 'casual' in a rush.

"Ride me" Jacket -  Casual Cords 
 ..: SAAL :..  Poses
 Hunter Jacket MENSTUFF Gift
OPOPOP Jango mesh jeans
Oasis Unisex sneakers
 ..: SAAL :..  Poses

Maybe this was a first clue, but i got the feeling it was going to be a difficult evening.
So we were waiting at one of the hotel's cafes, when the super top
Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige Artemisia pose set
FASHION WARDROBE .::KL Couture::. Downtown red  and Niger silver sandals
  *Luckie*   Ooh la la bag
I have to admit she looked woot woot woot.
After  kisskiss and omg omg, she said she was rushing to her room to get ready. And she had news for us.
The boys were not sharing dinner with us, we would meet them later, but the hotel had organized for her a  bachelorette party, and boys were not allowed.
And wearing a pose of virginal purity, she said she needed some time with us, so the most experienced could give advice about.. you know what.
The Instruments Vestige  poses
Feeb's Rascals St.
~*Moolala*~ Bia Shrug Dress
The Instruments Vestige  poses
ARISE Bum Jeans 
Winter Trend SL .ARISE. Fur Scarf for 
ANYBODY .ARISE. Solid Tank w/app
Feeb's Rascals St.
Loordes of London-The Defiance 

Sugar Suz moaned ,'You joking? Us? Giving what?', and I was silently agreeing, when Loulou turned to Ree and said she bet someone  had a very complete collection of experiences.
And easy as that, war started. (to be continued)
1. old pose no available
2. Sorgo pose and 
Moose Clothing  Hoodie  and baggy pants

1. ..: SAAL :..  Poses
2. Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige Artemisia pose set
3. Marukin Pose
4. ..: SAAL :..  Poses

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