Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Eve party (part 1)

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Sometimes I think Loulou cant help it.

She cant help being so beautiful, so stylish, so sexy.

Not her fault if people cant stop looking at her, admiring her.

But sometimes I think maybe she could help being a stupid witch.
And i say witch cause today is last day of the year and I dont want to say B**ch.

This is what happened.
We were at my basement, talking, joking and being lazy.

We had the music on.
Loulou suddenly got up shouting that it was her fav song and took Silence's arm, saying with a childish unbearable voice,

'you are best dancer ever, Sil, pleaze pleaze, dance with meeee'.

Silence's smile froze on his face. I didnt need to look at Umami to know what she was thinking. 
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Loulou performed a ridiculous dirty dance with Silence, who looked so unhappy it would have been funny if we had not been so pissed off by her acting.
Ree left saying outloud that she needed a drink, but as it was too early, she would go out for a cigarette.
Wrong idea. Cause when the music ended, Loulou laughed and applauded... and said she was dizzzzzzzzzzy... and let herself fall ... on Marlow's lap.
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Yeah. Marlow and I knew what was going to happen if Ree was back to find his bf having a conversation, with his ex's head on his lap, so i ran off to entertain Ree till Marlow was able to get rid of Loulou without being too rude.

And as you can imagine, that was also a wrong idea.
Cause when Ree and I came back...
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Ree didnt see her with Marlow, but i bet she imagined Loulou didnt waste her time while she was away. So she said 'OMG, cant you keep your hands off of our bfs? I thought that i saw you getting married few weeks ago'.

Umami got up and said enough was enough. If Loulou was going to stay, she was leaving. 'Yeah', Ree agreed. They both moved to the door.
Silence looked at me. Damn, they were our guests, that was our home! How could we kick Loulou... but but if we didnt...
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Ree and Umi felt ultra offended when they saw we didnt know what to do.
'Ok, you chose', said Umami, as angry as i had never seen her.
'Hey, girls, please' , i whispered.
'Umi, sweety, dont...'
'DONT sweety me!', she shouted. And started crying.

Ree looked at Marlow who was paralized too. It was too rude to ask Loulou to go!
Then she hugged Umami and they both left.

Loulou began crying too (and as she was close to Rum, she took the chance to jump into his arms). He looked at me over her head  with a wink, and I couldnt help smiling.
Marlow patted Silence's back, while they both agreed in one word. 'Sh*t'. 
Welcome back, Loulou, bye bye NYE party...
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