Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One more bar

FASHION WARDROBE Dirty Little Secret Daybed
Sugar Suz was in shock after seeing her platonic love doing a (great) streptease at Loulou's bachelorette party, but i have to admit it didnt take much for me to forget about it.

I had other problems to worry about.
FASHION WARDROBE Dirty Little Secret Furniture

Cause, remember? We were spending the night in this wonderful hotel, decorated as a cozy winter cabin, full of little rooms for the guests to feel comfy, and lovely bedrooms...
FASHION WARDROBE Dirty Little Secret Furniture
... and I was going to share one of those bedrooms with Rum.
And it was ok as long as he understood we were just sharing, but I was not sure that it was clear enough. He is almost six years older than me, has had girlfriends, has... ugh.
I didnt know how to have a casual conversation about it, and the only thing i could think was to delay our coming back to the hotel.
When Umami and Silence said it was time to go to bed, I said we couldnt miss the chance to see  the city. Ree agreed and Marlow and her stayed too. But after a couple more of casinos, Marlow stopped a taxi and wanted everybody to come back.
And Rum and I stayed for a last walk, a last drink, a last whatever.
1. Label Motion  My cold drink
2. Vestige poses Morris pose set
It was very late, i was very tired and I bet he was too, and it was so sweet how he keept joking and doing whatever to please me.
V-Spot The "man's man" Sweater MENSTUFF HUNT and skinny jeans
 Vestige poses  Pier pose set
 Grey Snowflake Dress/Grey Uggz

Marukin Pose

Oh my, and he was right, I was insisting on stopping at every bar in our way back to the hotel.
I couldnt help but laughing and admit it was time to stop the alcoholic tour.
 The Unique Mini Fair  = fashiowl poses = Xmas Couple Pose 2

Then he put his arm around my shoulders and said, 'I never get tired of being with you, love, but tonight i dont have to  leave you at your home'.
'About that...'
' I know, love, but its going to be wonderful to hear you snore from my couch'.
'Hey you!'

He is lovely, isnt he?

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