Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow day

Yesterday i was reading these pages.
So many things have happened since i began writing!
And this  year has been special, finishing school...leaving home and living in the flat...
This year that ends makes me feel very adult, I am 18, i am a grown up girl...I think i love it... but its a bit scary too...
Vestige poses Sledge GACHA
Loordes of London 
Cannes Biker Jacket-Purple/Black
Pavia Jeans for Secret Wednesday
OPOPOP  Punch V#2 // Unisex // Mesh Shoes
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy but today Ree called, Marlow is back and we all could go and enjoy a crazy day in the snow, couldnt we?
Vestige poses Sledge GACHA
#Say Nothing# Charlie boots Group gift
SKY My favorite skinny jeans and Breelee Crop Turtleneck Sweater 
Vestige poses Sledge GACHA
SKY Star Struck Skinny Jeans
OPOPOP  Dawa V#2 // Unisex // Mesh Shoes
ASO!&Soothe  Cashmere Border Knit 
OPOPOP  Bellini in Brown Mesh Hooded Sweat- Enme mesh jeans  -Vesper boots
Vestige poses Sledge GACHA
V-Spot "Beats" Hoodie skinny jeans and velcro high-tops
SKY Star Struck Skinny Jeans  - Breelee Crop Turtleneck Sweater 
Vestige poses Sledge GACHA
Awww What a wonderful winter day!
Vestige poses The Only One  SATURDAY SALE
He wears OPOPOP
Jango mesh jeans- Vesper boots -Amayuki Mesh Jacket

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