Thursday, December 18, 2014

The girlfriend of the freak

I went to meet Marlow. I wanted to ask him about Rum.
Mom said he was Morris Vand der Kerk, and the Van der kerk were one of the most extra super rich people of the world.
And yeah,  Rum had told me his name was Morris, but all his friends called him Rum... But how could it be possible? Lots of Morris in the world, for sure. He couldnt be the rich one.
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Marlow was waiting for me when i arrived. I didnt want Ree or any other of  our group to meet us, and i know he was surprised.
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I didnt waste time. 'My mother says Rum is someone called Morris Van der Kerk'.
He looked at me in silence.
'Is he?'
'Didnt you know? I thought you both were quite... close'.
OMG. So it was true!.
I felt angry. And scared. What the hell... Yeah, we were quite close, why didnt he tell me?
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I told Marlow's mom story about Rum being a sort of psycho, and he laughed and said that was the most stupid idea ever.
'But DD, how can you believe that? He's been my roommate for three years and i swear he is one of the best guys ive ever met. It was that girl the one who hurt him, she is a bitch, and believe me, she didnt need anybody to teach  her how to drink or smoke'.
'Oh my! The princess?'
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Marlow said Rum's family didnt like much his studying in a little college, and that was the subject of many of the family arguments.
  'The relationships with his family are not very easy... but mine with my parents arent either, so what? He never talks about them, and never acts as having money. But he has been the one paying for our flat these years, never allowed me to put any money on it, and helped me as much as i allowed him when i was in trouble with the money. Yeah, he is rich, but not a psycho, and you can be with him without feeling like the girlfriend of the freak'.

Marlow is super protective. He would never lie to me about Rum. And I cant believe anything bad coming from Rum either.
 Now... I will have to talk with the Van der Kerk guy, dont you think so too?

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