Saturday, December 20, 2014

The old man has some money

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I couldnt ask him.
He arrived from behind, but my lap was showing the mail screen, with his name on the empty message . He saw it and felt super touched to see i was sending him mail.
'This boy can be a disgustingly rich Van der Kerk', I thought, 'but he could never be a psycho'. His smile was so genuinely happy that I was unable to be angry at him for not telling me about his family, and  also unable to spoil the moment asking him what was all that thing about.

We joke and laugh and when he told me he was leaving for a couple of days to visit his family I just said 'oh'.
'But Ill be back on Christmas eve. We will have a family lunch , but my parents are leaving on a cruiser that same evening'.
'A cruiser?'

'Yep. My bro says its Titanic-II, and has told dad he is ready to get the family fortune'.
Perimeter Rivalry Jeans -- UNISEX!!!
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'Oh. Does your dad have a fortune?' , I said in the most casual and innocent voice ever.
'The old man has some money', he answered absolutely relaxed and in a way I could have talked about the 20L i had in my pocket.
Then he bent. to get closer and tell me he was going to miss me, and 'please excuse me if i dont send you a lot of messages, but mobiles dont work fine at home... something on the line is fuck... wrong. But I swear i will do my best to keep in touch'.

Later, when going home, he suddenly said , 'ops... whats this doing in my pocket?' and took off a (not in a very good condition) mistletoe, and played around, till lifting it over my head.
Feeb's Rascals St. {poppet} Mistletoe
Damn. He is lovely. 

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