Friday, January 9, 2015


We are back at our flat, and, though we love it, we are a bit homesick these first days.
Homesick and boyfriends-sick, I would say.
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Umami is very depressed, cause we will begin exams soon, she needs to study like crazy, and we all know how sad she feels when something keeps her from being with Silence.

And Ree and Marlow have vowed to not meet till the end of the exams, cause they both, (but especially him, because Wispagold is paying for his career), need to get best grades as possible.

And I miss Rum. I miss him more than i thought i would.
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But now i just left Rum after these days that meant such a big change in our relationship. We have been together most of the time, in spite of mom's advice.
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Now he keeps in constant touch, and i love his mails, his texts, his calls, ... but its not the same.
'Yeah its not', Umi said while sending Silence a text.
' Not the same', and Ree moaned her frustration, 'I need some flesh and bones, something to grab!'
'Ree...' warned Umami laughing.
'I agree', I sighed and Ree looked at me and winked at Umi.
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'Hey Umi, did you hear that? I think we have 2 things to do. One, call the boys and tell them we have a last party this saturday, before the exams marathon  begins. So Silence and Rum have to come'.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh great idea. Umami and I applauded and shouted YES!
And second?
'Second is taking DD shopping. Girl, you are cute, but you need some sexy underwear, and we are going for it'.

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