Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am so in love with you

(Continue... )  So i brushed my teeth and said goodnight from the door and went to my bedroom.
I couldnt stop thinking of what he told me on New Year Eve. 'My family has made me feel second best so many times, Im tired of it, so I rather dont be around them to avoid fighting.'
And now he thought I was with him only cause my boyfriend left me?
And why not, if his former girlfriend was the most beautiful WITCH ever, trashing him each time she felt like that?
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I told myself I would talk with him in the morning and tell him how much he meant to me. So i took two steps towards my bed... and I ran to the livingroom.
Rum  looked at me and smiled.
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'No!', and I began crying. He came to me surpised and I hold him and said, 'What I am scared of is
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losing you. 

I am scared, I never felt so depending and it scares me'.

'DD...' he said so tenderly it made me cry more. 

'I said this goes fast cause its out of control for me and I dont know you yet, and I dont know why you are with me if you are older, and handsome, and fun, and lovely... and and rich!'

His kiss stopped me. Then i told him,
'Rum, I know I disapointed you when you asked if I wanted to go to bed with you...'

He smiled.
'I didnt say so. I meant if you were tired and wanted to go and sleep'.


He kissed me again and said,
'damn, DD, Im so in love with you that I will even wait to marry you to have sex, if you want me to'.

'You... are in love with me?'


'If i say yes,  can I sleep with you?'

He smiled while I covered my mouth to not laugh out loud.
Then he put his arms around me and bent till our noses touch and his eyes were close to mine.
'I love you, DD. I had never ever been so happy and so in love in all my life'.
'Oh my, I love you, Rum!'
'Say it again'.
' I love you, Im lost for you, Im crazy for you'.

Wow this boy is best kisser ever.
He rubbed his nose on mine and whispered,
' Can I please sleep-sleep with you? I dont want to be away from you now'.
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So we couddle in my bed, and I was falling asleep when i heard him,
'about what we were talking before... will you want to wait to the wedding to...?'
Im sure i felt asleep while smiling.

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