Thursday, January 15, 2015

Who walks Sexy?

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After the party, Ree left with Marlow to his flat, and Umami, Silence, Rum and I came back home.
It was 3.00am and awfully cold. The flat was like a fridge and I said i would prepare some hot milk  while we changed clothes, and when everybody was relaxed, Umami remembered something.

'Hey... we have to take Sexy out for her night walk'.
No please. It was so cold and so dark and and the milk was hot and...

Loulou's dog looked at us with her disgusting look of  'c'mon slaves, make me happy', the look Ree says that is a perfect copy of Loulou's.
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'Option one, someone walks her, option two, we kick her out and let her walk', Silence said, and we jumped over him laughing, 'shame on you, poor doggie!'
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'I will do it', Rum offered, ' but probably she will bite me and pee on my shoes, cause she hates me'.
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'Its nothing personal, she hates all of us, though Marlow is the one she hates the most', I told him.
He looked at the dog. Sexy paid him back with one of her disgusting barks.
'I think im on my way of beating Marlow', Rum said in a very sad voice.Oh my he is so cute.
I jumped to his arms without thinking and he lifted me to hold me very close.
'DD you are too beautiful', he whispered. (Mmmmmmmmmmmmm love how he kisses!)
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'Have your hot chocolate before you go, or it will get cold', called Umi from the kitchen.
HEYDRA Priesley Jeans -  Dope sweater
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So we all drank our milk or our chocolate, while talking about Loulou's last visit. We have had no more news from her. Too busy being a famous model in Las Vegas, probably.
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Umi said Rum looked great with his serious style hair.  I agreed, and he said we could enjoy the views till he went to bed, cause tomorrow his hair would be back to normal, making us laugh.
Then he took Sexy's leash, calling her and the devilish doggy barked at me and followed him.
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Umami squeezed my hand.
'DD, Im so happy for you,  i think Rum is lovely'.
'I think so too'.
' I agree', we heard Silence, and we turned to him.  'What? He took Sexy out. I definitively love him'.
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