Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cant wish for a better beginning

Tuty poses  
Oh my! The bell rang. Rum was here!!  I checked my outfit once more... 
Color Me Project 
 *Nya's*DrucillaDress Red
 Milk Tea: Azure Night shoes
Feeb's Rascals St. !Dark Horse Style Nails 
Tuty poses  
... and ran to the door. Rum began saying, 'hi, love...', and stopped. He looked at me in silence, then took my hand, making me spin slowly and whispered, 'wow'.
 Purple poses
I giggled, and pulled him to the livingroom. 'Happy St Valentine's, Rum!'
'Woot this looks awesome!'
He looked around with a delighted smile, ' did you do it? All this decoration? Wow, DD, great job, its beautiful! Its perfect!'
'And i have a gift for you. Go to my bedroom'.
'Sounds good,...  but shouldnt you go there first, take off your clothes, ...?'
I laughed at his i-am-so-innocent look.
Construct Glitter Wall Cloth - universe
1-2 Posemaniacs 
3.Reverie poses
'No, go to the bedroom, your gift hangs on the wall', and when he began walking to the door I added (yeah, I did), 'the take off clothes part... later'.
He turned to me and said, 'Ex-cu-se me, could you repeat it, please?'
'Go for your gift, I cant wait to see if you like it'.
I didnt follow him till i heard his 'yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa'.
Oh my! He was not faking it, he hugged me and kissed me saying 'i love it i love it i love it'.,. He was so touched, his eyes shone when he said, 'oh DD, its wonderful. You looked for something you knew I would love. Wow. I have no words'.
OPOPOP ..:Persicot // Mesh Jacket ::..
Perimeter Rivalry Jeans Black  -- UNISEX!!!
Le Poppycock- poses
He pulled my hand and took me to the livingroom, where he opened his bag and gave me a pack.
Ohhhhh a tablet! I bet Ree would say there was nothing like having a rich boyfriend.
But it was more than a tablet. He had loaded graphic programs and editors and several other things i didnt even know.
'One of my dad's friends works for the Tribune. I asked him what programs they use for the journals' web page. I thought it could be useful for my wonderful journalist'.
'This is too much!'
'No. YOU are too much'.

Then we heard Sexy bark. UGH. Her evening walk.
HEYDRA Gentleman shoes
Vestige poses Walking poses

'Ill take her', Rum said, but i said, no way, I go with you.
And we left.
(to be continued)

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