Sunday, February 22, 2015

Grit your teeth

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The house was not as small as I thought. We walked while sipping  our big cups of hot choc. It had a cozy kitchen, two bathrooms, a sauna (!) and three rooms. One was a messy study room. Or what Rum called 'the hacker's room' . There were at least five computers there, apart from a couple of laptops someone seemed to be having fun by taking all their pieces off.
The other was a lovely bedroom all in white. And the third one...
'And this is the main bedroom. It has great views but its damn cold in winter'
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'Ohhh i love it!'
Rum smiled. 'Yes, I do too. I dont mind if its cold, I always stay here'.
I took off my shoes and sat on the bed. 'Come here'. He sat by my side. I loved that look in his eyes, it said 'Im lost in love for you' and he didnt even care to hide it.
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'Lets do something', I said, and he smiled.
'I absolutely agree. Lets'.
I laughed and pushed him. 
'No, silly, listen. Lets share whatever in our past, in our families, or in our up to now lives that we think  could come between us in the future'.
'Oh wow... Let me lock the door first, I dont want you to go out running and screaming...'

So we talked a bit about our families and I told him about BF and he told me he had had a couple of short relationships till the princess arrived to begin a never ending story of war and peaces.
'And your mom wants you to be back?'
'Probably as much as your mom wants to keep you away from me', he winked at me, but I didnt smile. That was A LOT. Then he kissed me and whispered, 'but do we give a damn about what our moms want?'
'No', i whispered too, kissing him back.
'Do you think we have had enough talking about the dangers waiting for us?'
'Yes, we can leave it for tonight', I smiled.
'Good. So, do you want to stay here?'
'And I stay with you?'
'And we sleep-sleep?'
Oh no. Oh no no. I had forgotten my super wonderful for-THE-night lingerie back at the stinky flat!
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Rum misunderstood the expression of my face.
'Hey, love, its ok', he didnt let me talk,' really, its ok'.
'No, listen, I...'
'DD, please, just dont be scared'.
'Rum, wait...'
'Yeah, we wait. We wait ... till you want it so much that you  grit your teeth'.
I began laughing and he smiled.
'My sweet little something',  he whispered, looking at me that wonderful way.
We kissed. And kissed. And kissed more.
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Icons Of Style Cloud poses
'Yes, love?'
'Im trying but I dont know how to grit my teeth'.
Oh my. I love his smile.

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