Thursday, February 19, 2015

I have a spare room

It was midnight when Sugar Suz appeared at the door.
Ooops, what  happened here?
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The guy turned to her, turned off the vacuum and smiled.
A little disaster, but im about fixing it. Hi.
Hi. Iam Sugar Suz... You are... Jerry, right?
Sugar Suz came to see if she could spend the weekend at the flat, cause her cousin's bf had arrived and she had asked Sugar Suz for some 'privacy'.
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Jerry had almost finishing the cleaning, but the stink was already there. The windows were open and the night was chilly.
He looked at the girl thinking she was astonishing beautiful, with that smooth skin, dark as a  panther's. And she looked so desperate, alone in the night with no place to go....
When her beautiful eyes filled with tears. words came out of Jerry's mouth spontaneously.
'I have a spare room, if you want to stay, Ill be glad to have you as my guest'
'Are you serious?' 
Jerry was a nice guy, but terribly shy, with not experience with panther girls. He thought she was mocking him, and  when she turned to him adding, 'oh my my my, you are so sweet! Thank you!', a mix of terror and gladness filled him.
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Sugar Suz asked about DD, and what had happened at the flat.
'Awwwww Im so glad for her. Rum is a great boy. I am glad i convinced him I was not his kind of girl and made him see that he would be happy with DD'
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And of course, she  loved Sexy and Stephen's love story.
'Ohhhh so the two little things are in love? Thats so nice!' Then she looked a bit sad and sighed.
'It seems everybody is having a Valentine's eve, but me'.
'How can a girl like you be alone?', Jerry said  honestly surprised,  and Sugar Suz smiled.
'Oh Jerry, you know how to make a girl feel special', she giggled, and Jerry bent to stroke Sexy's head trying to hide how much was enjoying her flirting.
So they went upstairs. Sugar Suz wondered if this weird but kind boy would have some wine, while Jerry kept his fingers crossed, hoping the crows had not escaped again from their cages, the pig had stayed in the terrace ... oh my, and Stephen's diarrhoea had stopped.

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