Friday, February 20, 2015


Rum's grandad was considered an eccentric person. In his last years, before he died of a lung cancer when he was 73 year old, he dedicate his life to the computers world. He made big investment in new technologies and was in love with anything that had to do with the internet and the way computers were developping.
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When his cancer was diagnosed, his only son Julius, Rum's dad , took care of all the business. He closed the computers department, hiring external companies to do that work.
Rum was very close to his grandad. In fact, he developped his passion for computers by sharing time with the old man.
When his grandad died, his last will said he wanted his grandsons to get something special from him.
So he gave Jules, Rum's bro, a 40 floors building in the middle of Manhattan (maybe you have heard of it, yeah, the Junior Tower).
But Rum's dad told him that his grandad's mind was probably weak, cause he had let him an island as heritage, That would bring cost and problems, so they better get ride of it.
'An island? Where is it?'
'Somewhere, I dont know exactly, the coordinates are here...'
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Somewhere was in the east coast, not far from my village, thats why Rum chose the little college there to study. Cause he loved his grandad's island, and never, not for a second, considered his dad's proposal of selling it.
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