Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Luckiest in the world

ROOM69 Wicca's Wardrobe  Jasmine Jeans and Leia jacket
Oasis Unisex sneakers
Icons Of Style Cloud poses
We had a romantic dinner in a small restaurant, a little table on the corner, with a red and wite tablecloth, and a trembling candle that Rum  had to keep lighting cause it insisted on extinguishing.
Then we walked back home talking, laughing and kissing (it took a while, we were not in a hurry).
ROOM69 Wicca's Wardrobe  Jasmine Jeans and Leia jacket
OPOPOP Persicot  mesh Jacket and Jango mesh jeans

Oasis Unisex sneakers
In~Stance - "The Kiss"
Ree and Umi were not around when we arrived (thank you, girls).
'The best part of this', said Rum while kissing me at my bedroom's door, 'is that I dont have to sleep on that torture couch you have in the livingroom'.
'Ohhh did you seduce me to avoid the couch?'
'Did I seduce you?Oh wow, good for me, I thought you were drunk'.
'You are unbearable', I giggled.
'I agree. Unbearable and the luckiest man in the world'.
And tonight, girls, tonight I have EVERYTHING ready...
ROOM69  MANIK QUEEN - Simply Vintage Nighty 
DM poses
I knew :)
ROOM69  MANIK QUEEN - Simply Vintage Nighty & Slippers
* Inkheart * Charming eyes - Silence
DM poses

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