Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mom vs boyfriend

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My new fav series on tv is 'Mom vs boyfriend'.
She is a cute girl in love with a super sexy guy and  her mom, a police woman,  doesnt like him (incredible, he is so hot! But this is the way moms are :P )
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He is a bit wild and its always messing with his badass buddies, but he is truly in love with her, so he tries his best to be her charming prince... but they always end up in the craziest situations, and its really fun.
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And mom thinks she is a peaceful, sweet girl, who sits for hours in her cute room, listening to teen's music.
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But boy, the girl is a hot chick, as Marlow (who follows the series with us) says, and she can rock!
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Cause, of course, mom has no idea of how wild her girl can be
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So its a romantic, spicey, funny series, full of adventures and we are addicted!!
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