Friday, March 13, 2015

Next in line?

So we got to second floor, ready to find some nice couples of old people watching tv and talking about their bones pain and the bad weather.
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As soon as we arrived, the hostess of the group took us to our room and invited us to have a drink with the rest of the group, there was a meeting in 30 minutes.

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We thanked her and  told her that we were not really 'group' people, we liked to do things on our own... She looked at us and said 'dont be shy, you will love it'.
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'She wants us to help her entertaining the old guys', whispered Marlow when she left. I laughed, but, i began to think to be there could be a mistake. We wanted a romantic weekend, not to spend time with a group of people we didnt even know.
Anyway, we went to 'meet the group'.
And they were not elder people at all but young couples, quite kind and talkative. They seemed to like us so very much, wow, they all came and compete to be first in introducing themselves.

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In fact they were too talkative. Some were plainly nosey, and when a tall man came and explained us that his wife was a sexy girl, but needed to learn some new tricks to keep their bed alive, and asked if our sexual intercourse (sic) was usually satisfactory, I abandoned Marlow to cope with it, and looked for a place to hide and have a cigarette. (Yeah, Im trying to quit, but I really needed it).

My nose told me someone was smoking somewhere, and i followed the scent till i found her.
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'Hello, mind you if i smoke here with you?', I asked her.
'Not at all, hun. I am Sandra'.
'Nice to meet you, Sandra, Im Ree'.
'Nice to meet you, hun. So, you and your hubby are the new ones, uh?'
'I think so'. (If another  woman calls your boyfriend your hubby, never correct her).
'Do you come from another group?', she asked.
'No. We dont join groups,  but this time we wanted a special Valentine, I saw the ad in the internet and, well here we are'.
' I see... So you usually do it on your own? '
'Yes', (what? travelling?)
'Hmm... I always thought it was risky, but i suppose it can have its point'.

Marlow appeared at the door. He had a funny look in his face. Sandra looked at him, up to down, and said, 'gorgeous'.
'I need to talk with you', Marlow grabbed my arm and pulled.
'Marlow! Please, meet Sandra...'
'Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you Sandra... Come, Ree. Now'.
'Excuse us a second...' Sandra nodded but Marlow had already dragged me out of the room. 'Marlow, you are the most unkind barbarian...', I hissed but he put a finger on his lips and I stopped. 'What'.
'Blondie, I have news'.
I looked at him in silence, still angry at his bad manners.
'The Romantic Round is a swingers club', he whispered.
'Tell me that you are kidding', i whispered back
'In fact I have four couples queuing to exchange with us'.
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We ran for our bags and escaped through the kitchens' door, laughing like crazy. Marlow said 'if you want me to learn new tricks to keep the bed alive, you just have to tell', and I pushed him to make him hurry and assured him that 'our sexual intercouse was very satisfactory'.

Oh my. I wonder why my boy and I keep moving from one mess to another :)

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