Monday, March 2, 2015


You will never imagine who I met today at the campus.
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MOna, one of my friends at the nuns' school.
She was talking with a couple of boys in her usual flirty way, sexy and spicey as she used to say. Then her mobile rang and she left them and walked away while talking.
And then she saw me.
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'DD? OMG, DD!'
'MOna, I cant believe it! What are you doing here?
'Me? What are YOU doing here, I study here!'
'What? I study here!'
Oh wow. She had moved from her college to mine, because a silly problem she would rather explain later. She had just arrived to my campus and was feeling sooo lonely, so good we had met!
What was she studying? To be a journalist !! She was in most of my classes. It was so shocking!
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Color Me Project EYELURE  Fresh Crop  Donut
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TAMELESS Hair Sloan  and  Bleeding Heart Outfit Red
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... and technically, we had never been 'besties'. She was Bigs Boobs Betty's best friend, not mine.
And I was not leaving Ree and Umi for all the gold in the world.

We went to have a coffee and i told her about it. She was disappointed but said it was ok, and told me she was dying to see my flat and will come soon for a visit.

Wow. MOna at the campus. And I have the feeling she has not changed at all...

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