Thursday, April 23, 2015

Breakfast with diamonds

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My first night as guest at the Van der Kerk mansion was a bit 'intense'. I needed Rum's friend to help me when a crazy cat decided to pay me a night visit.
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But I had survived day one, and saturday I woke up ready to make my boyfriend's family think I was the loveliest girl in the world.
At nine o'clock, a maid knocked on my door and let me know breakfast would be ready in thirty minutes, if i wanted to join the family at the  'breakfast lounge'.

I asked her if she could tell me how to go there, and she was very kind and told me she would be back and pick me up  in twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes later, I followed her, trying to remember the way back to my room (impossible), and I felt like melting when Rum ran to me.
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I held him close and we kissed.
'Good morning love, how was your night?'
'Oh wow Rum, I have to tell you, Dan007 came to rescue me from an intruder, a cat that was in my room...'
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'Cat? There are no cats in the house, mom is allergic...'

I told him all about it.
Rum said he was super sorry, and he was asking his mom to give me a room closer to the family dependences.

I grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer.

'No, please, really, its ok, dont argue with her. Only one more night and we will be gone, And... you still owe me a motel night... we could miss some monday classes and sleep in the motel on sunday...'
He smiled, bending over me.
'It doesnt sound bad...'

 I slipped a hand under his tshirt, my fingers moving up and down his chest. He moaned softly... and, over his shoulder,  I saw his mom looking at us.
I stepped back blushing.
Rum looked at me, and he didnt need to turn around. He rolled his eyes and said outloud, 'morning mom'.
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'Good morning, Morris. Did you sleep well, DD?'
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'Good morning, yes, thank you. Its a lovely room'.
'Thank you, DD. Morris, couldnt you wear something better than a shirt and dirty jeans?'
'Erm... no'.
She frowned, but didnt seem interested in arguing.
'If you dont mind taking a sit, your dad and Jules will be here in few minutes'.
Rum took my hand and we followed his mom. Ready or not, I was going  to meet the rest of the family.
(to be continued)
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