Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Call 007

Angela didnt even enter the room. She said goodnight and left me at the door.
The guy who was carrying my bag opened the door and let me in with a smile.  He was very kind, whatever I needed I just had to call on the service phone, he said.
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I was still shocked by Angela's ways and I was glad to be alone. In the evening light, I looked around. It was a nice place, like an expensive hotel room.
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And to protect the decency of the house, 'mom' had taken me to the end of the world, wow, we walked
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for so long, and all those corridors were desert and silent. It reminded me a scary movie, and I was glad I had a bathroom in suite, cause i would not leave the room in the night, for all the gold in the world.

I wanted to call the girls, but Rum had already told me his dad had a security system that inhibited radio signal and mobiles didnt work.
So i wore my pjs and went to bed.  And then my mobile rang.

'Hi love, just disconected my dad's security. Are you ok'
'Rum! Yes, I am, and so glad to hear you'
We talked for a bit. He was angry at her mom, though I pretended I didnt really mind her acting.
'Well, its going to be an amazing weekend, tonight you met my rude mom, tomorrow you will meet my paranoid dad'.
'Oh my, dont be bad!' I giggled.

We couldnt talk long.
'If you need to contact me, just call Dan, the butler'.
'The one with the tatoos who came with us? He was nice, but looked a bit weird to be a butler', I joked.
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'He is in rehab. Mom has lots of charity events, rehab clinic asked her to take a good boy who needed a job, she accepted... almost died when she saw him'.
I couldnt help laughing,
'Dan is a great guy, just dial 007 and he will let me know'.
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'007?' All the numbers i saw in the list began by 2.
'I hacked the line, its a secret number'.
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I went to bed feeling much better. He was somewhere in the big house and was looking after me.
And tomorrow I would meet his dad... and I would have to face the princess...
I was thinking of how super elegant hot devilish she would probably look, when i heard that noise...
(to be continued)

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