Friday, April 3, 2015

Sail away with me

Welcome to the dock house, our  holidays home this Easter.
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This time it was Marlow who found the bargain. Ree inmediately got crazy about it, though Umami said it was still too cold for a dock house, and I added it probably was the reason of its low rent.
 But Ree was so excited about it, and Silence  also was 'omg yes! I could take great pics there!', and when I asked Rum he said, 'wherever you want, love', so the four couples finally got into Marlow's van and we took a short trip to the coast.

Yeah, I said four couples. Cause we have a new one :)
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SARTORIA ITALIANA Forbidden Fruit Shoe
ROOM69 Look*Me Gary Dress 
Sugar Suz, the ' OMG Im the only girl who will never get a boyfriend' girl, has finally found her someone!

And Ree is quite skeptical about it, but I really hope they will last, cause I think that he is a good boy.

Bit... different, ok, but good for sure.
Oasis Unisex Sneakers
VIPs Creations The Evil Bunny hunt  Chicken Easter outfit
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A person with such a big love for the animals, cant be bad!
So, we travelled to the coast... to find out that the dock house was on a little island not really far from there... by boat!
It was a bit shocking, but there wasnt any other way to reach our destination, so Umi was the first to jump into a nutshell and say, 'if we have to do it, lets do it in the light... I dont want to spend the night rowing in circles' .
 tucked shirt ramones
 AsHmOoT_Hair Coll_Valentina
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She was right as usually, and we agreed. It took a bit to arrive, it was not as close as it seemed.
Yeah... lots of little problems, cause Marlow and Ree always seem to get the worst bargains ever, but they are so funny!
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Its crazy how easy you can get lost in the sea. For a moment I felt a bit scared, but Rum has a lot of experience with boats, and he guided us (love my pirate).
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Well, the place is lovely, but so cold we had to ask for some extra blankets.
Immerschoen BodyCult KeepCalm
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But I have the feeling this easter is going to be unforgettable!
EVA  Xen's Hats Beverly beaded flat cap
::Designer Circle::. 
 - Ankle Jeans  
  StormCrow Design's *Short Sweaters* *Cowgirl Sandals* with Hud
DS'ELLES bench 8 Female Poses 
MenOnlyMonthly  V-Spot Rockstar Pants
Rock Attitude Fashion Fair V-Spot Reckless Leather Vest 
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MOEKO}  The Evil Bunny hunt Dangerouz outfit
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We will have time for relax, and there is a fair in next village, so we will have party too!
Immerschoen  for the  Color Me Project shirt, sneakers and leggins
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HEYDRA  Kate Jeans w/HUD
 Top ~Hussy~ Glossy Leather

TAMELESS Rowena hair
Image Essentials Woman stands
Ok, girls, more later, hope you are having great time too!
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