Saturday, April 25, 2015

The wonderful sisters De la Fue

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Anna Maria de la Fue was missing.
The princess said she went to the toilet to check her make up, cause, by the way, she tought Jules was coming, where the hell was the boy, Anna Maria would be so disappointed!
So there we were, waiting for almost fifteen minutes, in a very uncomfortable situation, cause since the beginning, when the  princess jumped to Rum's arms and he literally avoided her 'friendly' kissing, the girl was so angry that she didnt almost talk.
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I suggested to go to the toilets and see if the princess' sis was ok.
'Do as you please. I know the baby girl, and she will take her time'.
But just that moment, she appeared.
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Wow. What a beauty. I looked at Rum and he winked at me. Then he put his arms around me and whispered, 'she is slightly better than her sister'. And i didnt dare to ask who, the younger better than the elder or the contrary?
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Anna Maria began talking to her sister, non stop, about some friend who had called her and blah blah blah. Suddenly, she came to Rum and hugged him calling him 'bro-bro' with a childish voice that didnt benefit much our (mine and hers) future relationship. Then she looked at me up to down and then at her sis, and without enthusiasm, said 'hi', probably to me :P
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We walked to the car. Anna Maria was talking with Jules on the phone, and the princess asked Rum if he would wear a dark suit, cause when they danced, it would fit with her dress.
Rum whispered to me, 'shoot me, please'.
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Naaaaa, lets shoot THEM.
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(to be continued)

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