Sunday, May 10, 2015

Are you going to be drama?

At Angela's birthday party, the princess was looking amazing, and she seemed to be having great time.
But that was before her little sister entered the room shouting she was engaged and showing a huge diamonds ring.
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After the diva scene Anna Maria had performed , everybody had said congrats and kissed her and Jules, and the princess had been by her side, jumping and applauding (looking quite idiotic).
Rum and I went to say congratulations to the couple too. We came back to the desert terrace (it was a cold night) and I sat while Rum went to get us some champagne.
The princess appeared and came to me.
'Oh, so you are here'.
'It seems so', I said, without smiling. The De la Fue sisters were very unfriendly and I didnt feel like being the good girl of the story.
'I came to ask you if you will be drama if Rum dances with me'.
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What the hell... I was about saying, 'drama? No, I will just kick your skinny butt if you dare to put a hand over my boy', but it was not necessary. Rum was there with two glasses of champagne.
'She wouldnt 'be drama'. But anyway, I wont dance with you, so no problem'.
I have to admit that she surprised me, leaving us without 'being drama' herself.
'Cheers', Rum said with a smile.
'I cant put up with her', I sighed.
'I think she is furious cause her little sis got a ring and she doesnt'.
'OMG. I knew it. She wants you back'.
'And do you know why? One, cause she cant stand being alone. Two, cause my dad is very rich. And three, cause I think im not bad in bed'.
He waited but i kept silent. I love to tease him. And he knows it. He bent to me. 'Do you agree?'
'Yeah, your dad is disgustingly rich'.
'Oh my God', he said, hiding his face in his hands, 'I think now I am going to be drama'.
And I laughed to tears, covering him in kisses... (to be continued)
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