Friday, May 29, 2015

Back home sweet home

I wanted Rum to stay home but I knew he should already be back at the village, so I didnt dare to ask. When we were arriving to my flat, he said, 'please, feel free to say no, but Id love to stay'.
'And your classes?'
' I can work from here for some days, but if you need time for yourself...'
So we went up stairs joking. I gave him the door keys and he turned to me.
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Oasis unisex sneakers
Tabou Irresistible pose
'Come here, love'
Nani poses
We entered laughing and kissing and I shouted, 'girls, I am back!'
Umami appeared at the livingroom's door.
'DD... oh... hi Rum'.
I jumped from Rum's arms. Something was wrong,
'Whats up, Umi?'
'Its Ree, she thinks...'
TAMELESS Spring Break Outfit - Pink
Absoluta poses

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