Sunday, May 24, 2015

By the way, hun, your mom is a monster

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I didnt sleep.
I spent the night crying and checking my mobile. I needed to call Umi and Ree, they would know how to rescue me, but the security system of the house didnt allow any device to work.
What was I going to do? How could I tell Rum about it, but how could I hide it?

One thing was clear, I was not going to meet that woman again. Never. Ever.
I had to leave the house as early as possible, before the family and the De la Fues met at the breakfast lounge.
I didnt mind how I would explain my running away to Rum. I would figure it out later.
So as soon as I saw from my window some activity out there in the garden,  I got my few things ready, grabbed my bag, and went downstairs.
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It was very early , few minutes past seven. I found some maids on my way, but no one said anything but 'morning, miss'. When I got to the hall the front door opened.
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Rum came to me with his lovely smile.
'Love! Why are you up so early?' Then he noticed my red eyes and nose, the eyebags of the insomnia... I knew I looked worse than a zombie. 'DD, what happened? You ok? '
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'Yes, Im ok, I just.. I have to go now, please, you stay, I call you tomorrow...'
Damn. I was crying again. He tried to hold me and I pushed him.
'I have to go'.
'Go? Where?', and as I kept pushing him, he stepped back, 'Ok, ok, calm down, we go wherever you want to go'.
Oh no.  Angela was at the livingroom door, watching us.  I panicked. Rum followed my eyes and his face changed.

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'Mom, what has happened?'
'Good morning, Morris. What do you mean?'.
I kept my eyes on the ground, feeling Rum's on me.
'DD, did mom and you have an argument?', he said slowly.
'I have to go', I whispered, 'please, let me go, please'.
He turned to Angela.
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'Mom, I told you DD was very important to me. I told you I wanted her to feel welcome in my home'.
'I think she cant have any complaint about her room and ...'
'F**K the room! What has happened?'
'Morris, I wont tolerate you talking to me that way'.
'No worries, I wont'. He bent to me and  put his arm around my shoulders. I was trembling. I had never seen him so angry. 'Lets go, DD'.

He asked me to wait in the garden, and came back in few minutes with his bag, talking on the phone.
'We will find a taxi waiting for us at the front door', he told me, and as he noticed that I was looking at his mobile, he added, 'yes, its working, I messed my dad's security system before I left'. 
And I was feeling so sad that I couldnt even smile.
(to be continued)

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