Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I am engaged!

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I shouldnt have been afraid.
Rum didnt leave me alone. He kept me by his side no matter who asked for his attention. And oh my, he seemed so happy and so proud of having me there!
He introduced me to everybody and they all were so nice at me, the boys  agreed on how pretty I was, and the girls loved my dress and asked where I had bought it (in fact it was Ree's). I shoudnt have spent any time putting some blush on, i was naturally blushed all night long :)
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I didnt have to worry about the princess. In fact, I absolutely forgot about her. We danced every dance, and laughed and enjoyed the party so much, I didnt even care when i caught Angela frowning at us a couple of times.

When Rum pushed me to the terrace, 'to see the views', I was also dying to go somewhere and kiss him, so thats why we missed the main event of the night.
Anna Maria appeared almost running and asked for everybody's attention.

'Look at me! OMG OMG look at me!'
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I am engaged!!!!
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Oh wow. Jules had given her a ring and asked her to marry him! Everybody was saying congratulations when we came back, cause Dan007 came to call us.
Yes, everybody looked sooo happy at the awesome news, all the girls running to see the stunning ring, the guys around Jules, who seemed extra super happy too...

I turned to Rum, who was at my side.
'Wow', I whispered, ' did you know it?'
'Yes, he told me he wanted to ask her, but i didnt know he was going to do it this eve'.
He was serious, but when i took his hand and asked if everything was ok, he smiled.
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'Yes, love, no worries. Its just... my brother is so silly sometimes'.
' One, she is a witch', I couldnt help smiling and he nodded, 'not kidding, she is. And two, this was my mom's night, and she wont like not being the queen of the party anymore'.
'Oh, c'mon, its her son asking to marry a girl! She should be excited and touched'.
'Yeah. She should'.

And girls, he had been her son for twenty three years... so he knew what he was talking about.
(to be continued)

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