Friday, May 22, 2015

The smile of a Disney villain

So, Angela appeared at my door after the party to tell me she didnt like me.
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I wished I could tell her, 'nice, I dont like you either'.
But she was Rum's mom.
So i said (with a tiny voice though I tried to sound calm), 'Angela, I dont understand why you cant believe I am not here for the money, but because I love your son'.
She stared at me for a second, and then she smiled. She smiled with the smile of a Disney villain.

'Of course I can believe that. You seem to be silly enough to be in love with him. Cant you see he is just fooling around? Wake up, why do you think the princess is so desperate? You girls cant see he is just a young boy unable to keep any kind of compromise. Life for him is a rollercoaster. Young, handsome, rich... '

'Maybe he was like that, but we...', I said bravely and she stopped me .
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'Its different with you, uh? Did he tell you how I caught him and the princess naked in his bedroom last time he was here?'.
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NO WAY. I was not going to believe her. But she noticed I was about crying and said,
'Im sorry, DD, but this is the truth. If you are here for the money, you waste your time, Im used to fight girls twice as smart as you. And if you are here for love... open your eyes and forget about it'.

She went to the door. Before she left she said, 'I hope you have understood there is no place here for you. Its nothing personal. I have to protect my family.'
She closed the door, and I began to cry.
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