Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kissing in the moonlight time

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Boys of summer Vestige Easton poses
Jules was very surprised to find Rum there.
'I thought you were not coming this weekend', he said.
'Well, plans changed at last minute'. 
'You should have told me, I would have left the house...'
 'No way, we are at the huts, its ok'.
Rum introduced his brother and Anna Maria to everybody. My friends were nice at them, but Anna Maria was not in the mood. She was  not very happy to see me and my friends there.
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Jules is a very kind guy, and  the boys were drinking beer and laughing after few minutes.
I tried to make Anna Maria join our conversation, so I said the island was so beautiful and Umami and Ree agreed enthusiastically, and I asked Anna Maria  if she liked Somewhere. She looked at me like if I were retarded and said, 'oh, I see. You girls had never been in a place like this before, uh?'
Before I could try to fix her rudeness, Ree said, 'Hey, Anna Maria? Why dont you move closer to the sea?'
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The girl turned to her with a sort of  a 'ok-Ill- try- to -put -up- with- this' sigh.
'Well, you look like you were smelling poo here'.
OMG. There was a silence. The boys had turned to us too.
Ree covered her mouth with her hand and then she wore her 'if you think you are a scary b**ch , you dont know me', smile.
'Oh, sorry,  maybe this is your usual look, uh?'
Marlow passed his beer to Rum and before anybody reacted, he was carrying her with a 'heyyyy its kissing in the moonlight time, blondie!' And took her away to avoid the fight.
EVA Vestige  Stay
Anna Maria grabbed Jules' arm, 'Can we go home, please?'
I began apologizing to Rum when they left, but he winked at me, and holding me close, he whispered,
'Shhhhhhh... Love, we are late for the kissing in the moonlight,  lets hurry, please'.
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StormCrow Design's A day at the Beach complete outfit
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EVA Vestige Blood Runway poses 

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