Friday, June 5, 2015

No worries, dad will babysit tonight

 Im sorry, hun, I have to leave you here with Zsizsi!
Wertina Kalypso romper
Moose Clothing Madame Pumps Sky
Tchelo's - (and MP) Bags Mimo
Vestige poses Bag poses
No worries. Its your work, and  ZsiZsi and I will be ok.
 The pose shop   his chair [black]
StoraxTree Furniture
Hmmm what can i wear...

Not that, I hope!
EVA AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Male T-Shirt Sugar Skull
+HUHU+ City jeans 
The pose shop   his chair [black]
StoraxTree Furniture
Ohhh shut up , you silly :)
M&M Incorporated  Lust Lingerie
Image Essentials Playmate
What about this?

POWERS DESIGN Mesh Rebecca Outfit
{NanTra} Poses
Wow... You look wonderful.

Oh my, I shouldnt let you go... Ok ok, I need some more kisses
 Seil Xpression pose
Im back in a rush, hunnie. 
Have fun, and... love?
If I fell asleep, wake me up when you arrive, promise?

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