Friday, June 12, 2015

So is this cute boy your boyfriend?

We were waiting for Rum and making plans for a beach weekend.
I was sure he would be happy to take our friends to  Somewhere,  the island, and I also knew they were going to love it.
The door bell rang and I thought he was back with the devilish doggie,  but when i opened the door, it was not him.
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MOna. As cute and sexy as ever, hugging and kissing me, saying she remembered I gave her my address when we met at the campus, and she couldnt help but coming, was it ok? 
What could I say? So I smiled and kissed her back and told her she was welcome, and took her to meet my friends who were in the kitchen.
And since minute one, I knew she wasnt going to get along with the girls. 

No. Flirting Marlow was not the best way to make friends with Ree. Umami looked at me with a 'who the hell is that' face, and Ree directly didnt give a damn about who she could be.
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'Naaaaa, he is not DD's roommate... its MINE'. Marlow smiled and pulled Ree's arm  to make her sit on his lap. He knew his blondie too well.
'Hey, I am Marlow, this is Ree and this is Umami. Nice to meet you,...'
'She is MOna', I said, ' an old friend of mine'.
'Yeah! We met at kindergarten, didnt we, DD? Nice to meet you all, guys. Specially, you', a shinning smile to Marlow and a funny (?) pout to Ree, 'sorry, hun, but he is gorgeous!'.
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I offered her some coffee and Umami began setting the table. 
MOna asked my friends where they studied at the campus, and things seemed to relax a bit, but Ree suddenly cursed cause she had burned herself with the pan, and Umi and Marlow got up to help and ... it was a bit messy and we didnt even notice the door bell rang, till we heard MOna, laughing as flirty as its possible to laugh.
And here she came, appearing at the door with her best smile.
'DD, you may get angry at me, but I let this super cute boy in, and invited him to have breakfast with us. And what a lovely doggie he has! Whats its name?'
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Oh my.
Rum looked at me, doing his best to not laugh outloud. 
'Thank you!', giggled MOna, and Rum ran his fingers through his hair, with his cute  'Im sorry' look.
'Erm... no, I mean, her name is Sexy'. Then smiled at me  saying, 'Hi love. Hey guys, morning' everybody'.
'Hi', I said, blowing him a kiss but trying to keep serious too, and MOna looked at me in surprise.

'Ohhhh... do you know him?'
'I think she does', Rum winked at me, and we all laughed.
'MOna, this is my boyfriend, Rum. Rum, meet MOna, an old friend'.

'Your boyfriend?'

So we finally began having breakfast. Umami was silent and Ree was in war mood, while Marlow tried to not be unkind but not too friendly either. 
Rum  noticed it all, and kept himself busy feeding Sexy her stinky breakfast. Then he sat by my side and whispered from behind his coffee, 'so nice to meet Loulou-II'. 
Oh my, my my,  Im afraid he is right.

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