Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A hacker's story: The family that hacks together...

The story begins with grandad and his passion for computers.
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He was what we could call ... a natural hacker. He began learning about computers when he was in his middle age. If he had dedicated to it earlier ... Anyway, the thing is it was his hobby to go hacking around. He did it for fun, and never caused any harm, though to train his abilities he hacked more and more protected systems.

He taught me. We shared a  hacker name, Rum _in_the_bottle. Yeah, thats where my nickname comes from, not because I like rum (though I do).
There are a lot of 'rum in the bottle' user names if you check the internet... Thats good, as you can understand. The most invisible you are, the better.
It was the old man who began calling me Rum. My mom hated it :)
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When he died, and I went to the computers college, I didnt use my abilities much.

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But at the end of the semester of my first year, I was not in my best moment... problems home, problems with the princess...

I didnt study a word and when the exams arrived I decided to hack the math department, to have a , lets say , preview of the test.
(to be continued)
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