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A hacker's story: The Solar Platforms Project

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The meeting at Mr. Eans' was a bit weird.
I entered a small living room where a too loud tv showed a spies movie.
After the interview, the director told me he had a system in the house to neutralize any device and avoid unexpected microphones working close, but when it was about top security he liked a lot of noise around to extra protect the conversations.
We sat and he offered me a coffee. For a while, he seemed more interested in following the movie than in me. He sighed and said the actress was the woman of his impossible  dreams. I agreed she was hot, and wondered what the hell I was doing there.
Color Me Project AsHmOoT_AW Coll_Vanessa_Pointy Heels_Shiny/ Gold
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Suddenly, Mr Eans began to talk, so low, it was difficult to follow him while the hot actress kept shooting and the bad guys were shouting.

The Solar Platforms Project was a real development project.
'I am afraid that you will have to write your thesis about it, if you decide to join us'.
But the four members of the team (five with Mr. Eans) didnt only work on platforms.
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They were an anti- terrorist organization. They worked to prevent attacks , by following anti-system hackers. And they also searched for any clue that could refer to the organization of any terrorist attack inside or outside the internet. They helped the security agencies to localize terrorists all around the world, by searching any small trail they could have left in the net.
'So, you work for the government? FBI? CIA?'

Well... NO.
They were an independent team. 'When you are working for the government, you are supposed to follow some laws, and lots of rules. Too many permissions to ask. To many people knowing who you are and where you are'.
'Does the government know about the team?'
'Of course, They have tried to stop us  first, then to make us work for them, but thats not possible'.
'Its about safety too, right?'
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'Exactly. No one knows who is in the group but me. The others only use their nicks, but they  have never met in person. There are a lot of people working in the solar platforms project... But only 4 are in the team.  This is a dangerous business, the people involved wouldnt have any problem about killing you or your family or the whole town where you live. We are continuously developing security systems and firewalls to protect the team'.

He stopped talking. I think he was giving me time to assimilate what he was telling me. Or maybe he was just following the movie :P
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'How long have you been doing this?', I asked.
'I began twelve years ago. The team began working two years ago'
'Twelve years hacking top level, and not the government, nor the bad guys have stopped you. Thats a good record'.
'We are better than them at this job, but the first rule of this game is never underestimate your opponent'.

His mobile rang. He excused himself and left the room. I stayed there, watching the spies movie, while my mind spun around like crazy. I couldnt stop thinking of my grandad. It was dangerous. It was crazy. It was new. It would change my world, maybe even THE world. What would he say?

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Then Mr. Eans was back.
'You dont have to decide it right now, but yes or no, Id like to have an answer in...  next couple of days?'
I got up.
'Mr. Eans, I dont need more time. If the team agrees, Id like to join'.
He smiled.
'They do, I talked to them earlier. Welcome to the team... Rum_in_the_bottle, right?' 

I looked at him surprised, and he blinked at me.
'I made my own research', he said.
And from minute zero I knew I was going to love it.

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