Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something money cant buy

We met at the Gun's , one of our favorite places at the campus. There is always nice people around there.
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Silence was visiting us. Marlow and Ree had asked all of us to meet them there.
We like the Gun's, it gets very noisy and full of life in the evenings, but its rather empty in the afternoons, so its a good place when you need to make plans.
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I went to see Jerry to pick up Sexy, he had been babysitting her, and I found Sugar Suz there. So I invited them to come with me to the Gun's and they accepted.
I like to see them together.
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They are day and night, but somehow, they seem to have found their perfect one, cause they are absolutely happy together. It seems that the girl who would never find a boyfriend, finally did, and wow, she shines!
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So there we were, the Gun's was quite peaceful yet when Marlow said,
'Hey guys, as you all know, especially DD, its Rum's birthday soon. And  after what happened with the panic situation my blondie and I went through, and all the small and no so small things he is always doing for all of us... what if we prepare something for him?' 
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Oh wow! We all said it was a great idea. I was so happy, cause Rum was going to love it!
Umami was super enthusiastic too, and we began thinking what we could get for him.
'Not easy, though. The guy has or can have anything he wants', Silence said, and he was right.
'Thats what we thought', Ree said. 'So.. what about something money cant get? Something like your friends taking you somewhere and spend a crazy weekend together?'
What a fantastic idea! But where? Then Jerry said,
'What about the Underwater theme park? I personally would love to visit it'
We looked at Jerry.
Sugar Suz and him are not so close to us, but they are our friends too.
'What is that?', Umi asked.
And when he explained, we decided it was the place to go.

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