Saturday, July 11, 2015

Think of the good times

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I was very worried, I didnt do too good in my exams, and I couldnt stop feeling like my whole life, my future, was ruined and I was such a failure...
I called mom and she was super nice, telling me first year is always hard, and she was so proud of me, living out of home, organizing my life, and being responsible and mature,...
She was wonderful.
But I felt like crap.
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Tori's Stylez Tops-Kylie-Collection
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Rum knew i was having a very bad time, but he had exams too and couldnt come for a visit. I cried on the phone when he called to check on me for one thousand and one time.
'Please, love, dont be sad. The exams are done, lets wait for the results, ok?'
'Hey, that is not an OK, its an ok,... Love, think... think of Somewhere, ok? Remember how much fun we had there the other day? We are back as soon as we all end exams, I promise. And if the results of the exams arent good, we will organize a rescue plan for september, deal?'
OPOPOP Ceresio  Mesh Cargo
Tori's Stylez Tops-Kylie-Collection
Image Essentials  The Seraphim 60L 

So I close my eyes and think of Somewhere with my someone...
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Ugh... will i pass the damn exams?

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