Sunday, July 19, 2015

Twenty-two text messages

Knock knock, is sissy home?
Vestige poses Liss pose set
Yeah... Sissy is dying here... Come in.
DS'ELLES Baroque sofa pose
Oh my, a bad day, uh?
DS'ELLES sit- Feelings pose set
You can bet. I sent Rum a text and he got angry at me!
Angry? Because of a text?
Ok, I sent him 22... but just because he didnt answer!
DS'ELLES Feelings pose set
TAMELESS  Vita hair
EYELURE Tied Tank    Pug
OPOPOP Ceresio VF /Mesh Cargo
Vestige poses Jessica pose set
So he got angry, uh?
Yeah... At 22 he sent one calling me freak and saying if I sent one more he was deleting me from his list.
Oh how cruel! 
Yes! (sobs)
Sissy, stop crying for him, please.
Oh, shut up, as if you didnt cry for your boyfriend yesterday, after one hour of arguments on the phone!
True... But when we argue, he knows how to make peaces... See my new ring :)
Ohhhhh now you have your band and an emerald peaces ring? (SOBS) 
 Diamond studed peace ring
and  large diamond ring with twinkle

Hunnie, we have to fix your life. If you want to recover your man... Lets go for it!
My 60L Secret Sale Loordes of London-Cheeky Totty
55L Thursday Sale Loordes of London-The Elk Root
Loordes of London Pour le Pied
Okinawa Summer Festival Soothe. Cotton Hat 
Vestige poses Liss pose set

Will you help your sissy to put in her place that girl who dared to interfere in our happiness? I am going to destroy her stolen fairy tale!
Color Me Project Jinx (DD) Amelia SE - Green Tree Fae
Tameless for the Hair Fair 2015 (Noirette sim) Jamie
Vestige poses Aja pose set
Sissy, you know you can count one me! And... I had an idea... see you in a few.
Where do you go ?
To begin the war!
Okinawa Summer Festival Soothe. Cotton Hat
* Inkheart *- Water Eyes -  Turquoise
Vestige poses Liss pose set
StoraxTree Furniture

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