Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I will hack your phone your computer and all your accounts

Vestige poses Mili (female) Dangerous (male) and furniture sit and phone poses
EMME pose  Sister please don't cry
Luckie for The Thrift Shop Manic shorts w/ap
'Damn, what will she be thinking now?'
OPOPOP  Ceresio cargos and top
Luckie for The Thrift Shop Manic shorts w/ap
The Muse poses
Verocity poses
'I bet he is super angry at you, how will you do it?'
'... I will pretend to take a selfie, but with him at my back so it seems we are together and happy...'
{NanTra} Poses (female) DM poses (male)
::Designer Circle::. 
::JK Style:: Lauryn dress and  Lori Wedges 
Pink Cherry Shine 2 nails slink hud
skbio pose

'OMG!That sounded so rude and threatening!',
::JK Style:: Lori Wedges 
Pink Cherry Shine nails slink hud
'Good. That's exactly how I wanted it to sound'
ODDITY Pants -Marilyn- Knitted and Vest -Tina- Leather Lace 
Vestige poses Mili poses
'You dont impress me, boy. Dont play the dangerous hacker with me, ok? We know eachother and I can tell what you are and what you are not'.
::Designer Circle::. 
 VG MICHELLE  [TMP & Slink High] 
 Pink Cherry Shine nails slink hud
'Can you? Great. Dare me. C'mon'.
T-Shirt -Jacques- Steampunk 
 Summer walk poplin pants
Vestige poses Hermanes poses
'Hey, Morris, stop it. You better behave, the princess is a guest and...'
'Nice. But I dont feel like listening to you and your preaching, big bro, so... enjoy the day. I leave the place. All yours. Bye'.
'Dont be ridiculous, this is your house!'

'I dont care. Thats what you dont understand. 

I - Dont - Care about any of the things you care so much. Stay as long as you want. Bye'.
OPOPOP Comics shirt & and Ceresio cargos
Image Essentials Stop it poses

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