Sunday, August 23, 2015

Something is happening Somewhere

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'Knock knock, hey DD, how u doing?'
'Hi Ree, didnt know you were back, how was your day?'
'Good, thank you. What about yours?'
Ree looked at me in silence for some minutes, and then she said, 'what's going on, sweetie? Where is Rum?'
 ::JK Style:: Lori Wedges - Denims  

'Somewhere. You know. The island. He is finishing his project... something about solar platforms or something like that...'
I  talked fast, to avoid more questions. But I knew Ree was not buying it.
'But have you talked today?'
I said nothing and she frowned.
'C'mon DD. You were hanging on the phone like crazy. You were even worse than Umi and Silence, cause your rich boy can pay for eternal conferences... How long since you talked? Three days? More? So whats up?'
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'Are you having problems? Is his family being nasty at you again? '
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'No, its not that. Just... I need to think about... well, things... Ree, dont get angry at me, but I cant talk about it now, ok?'
'I dont get angry, silly. I hate to see you like this. You know I think he is a wonderful boy, but if he dares to hurt you, he will have to face my bad side. And Marlow's'.
I hugged her and assured Rum hadnt done anything wrong, I just had asked him to give me some time to think about... things.
'Call him. C'mon. Just to say hello'.
Damn. I was dying to hear his voice, I grab my phone and Ree giggled, and I called without giving it a second thought.
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Vestige poses Talking on phone
I hung up and threw the phone on the bed, as fast as if I had burned my hand.
'What happened?', Ree said.
'Someone answered his mobile. I think... No, I know. It was the princess, his ex'.
(to be continued)

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