Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I met her in a chat room

(from the series 'Bloody chat', one of my fav, though Rum complains all the characters deserve a slowly death cause they are unbearable)
Deluxe Body Factory and MP Daichi skin & shape w/appliers
Paul Polo

* Inkheart *  Dream Eyes - Passion
HEYDRA Gentleman Shoes Evening Pattern
Vestige poses Chasing star poses
Im so lucky. Im going to meet her. 
Well, I met her a couple of weeks ago, in a chat room. We talked for hours, and exchanged pictures.
Nerdgasm - and MP Flash Women`s Classic Tshirt
Image Essentials
 The slipper chair

She is beautiful, and also  fun, cute, sweet as the sweetest cookie.
Plowwies Anna Sophie outfit
 Marukin Pose  
::Designer Circle::.
.:Glow Designs:.
 Khandi Shoes Metallics
::: VInc. :::  Casual Minidress "Beatrice" 
Image Essentials Body shots
::Designer Circle::.  Powers Dena dress
Image Essentials Body shots
And really sexy...
::Designer Circle::.
IOS Photo Box with 50 Poses (White Room)
*LX* Boho NIghts dress and heels

She told me she lives with her granny in that old house at the road side... Weird ... I always thought it was abandoned.

And now we have a date. She said we will have a special evening. 
I bet she means a romantic dinner!
Vestige poses Chasing star poses
Ok, Im here. But... I think  Ill go buying some wine, and be right back.
I have the feeling she is going to surprise me, and I cant wait, guys! I cant wait!
Plowwies Centi Phantom returns - female (axe pose)
(to be continued)

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