Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is she hiding?

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Vestige poses MILI 
'Girls!  Do you know who is here?'

I was walking Sexy to her 'poo' place, and it began raining, so I was like, hurry up please, and of course Sexy kept looking at me cause it had been a too short walk, you know she needs a long one before she decides its the right moment and the right place for her'.
And suddenly I saw them! They didnt see me cause i hid under my umbrella , and I was lucky, Sexy ended her business and as she hates the rain, she began running home. They were in a very intense conversation and didnt notice the dog nor me.
Color Me Project Icons Of Style  Poses with Umbrella
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Who? Ops sorry, didnt I tell you? Loulou! She was with Sugar Suz near the supermarket! Isnt this weird? Why didnt she tell us and why didnt she  come to visit us?
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55L Thursday Sale Loordes of London
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