Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last night I dreamt I went to the Van der Kerk mansion again (II)

I ran from the kitchen, trying to localize the phone.
At the dinning room  I met Jules, Rum's brother.
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He confirmed me Rum was the one calling. He said he probably was in trouble, 'he always is', and when i told him we should go and help him, he said we had to have dinner first. I refused, but he sat at the table saying the princess was better girlfriend than me, and then he suddenly collapsed.
The phone rang again and I was very scared, 'I want to wake up', I thought, but on the other hand, I felt like staying to help Rum.
But you know, nightmares are nightmares for a reason. Next 'guest star' was a real horror.
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Yeah. Anna Maria, the princess' sis. And Jule's girlfriend.
The phone rang and rang like crazy, not allowing me to hear Anna Maria. Good, cause she was angry at me, saying i had killed her boyfriend.
'I will tell Rum', she said, and I asked her, please, to tell me where he was.
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Upstairs. Yeah, but there was someone there!!
 I left Anna Maria with the ... thing downstairs (poor guy, he was going to cope with a real monster), and climbed the stairs full speed.
I entered a room without knocking, just calling Rum out loud , and...
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Ops... wrong room. 
And next one too... 'I havent seen anything!', I told the thing under the blanket, and I ran.
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Vestige poses Lily  poses

Not lucky in next room either...
'Im with you in a second hun, you can begin taking off your clothes'.
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Ok, enough! I was leaving and when I woke up, I would call Rum to wake him up too , just in case he was in same dream... I went to the stairs...  what the...
You would never imagine who rescued me...
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The princess. She told me two things, one, Rum was hers, two, dont enter the top secret room.
First thing is a nonsense.
Second, I couldnt end the dream without entering that room!
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And there I found... ah no, come and check by yourselves, girls!

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