Friday, September 11, 2015

Party at the spooky house

::Designer Circle::.  
.::PiNK CHERRY: One shoulder Georgia dress
StoraxTree Furniture
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Wispagold loves Halloween. If it depended on her, she would be celebrating it the whole year. So she decided to rent an old, spooky house for her saturday party.
It was fun to see the house, quite dusty in spite of the beautiful furniture Wispa's decorator had used for the event, full of people wearing so elegant!
::Designer Circle::.  ***Urban Cherry*** Ella outfit
 skbio poses
EVA femme.couture Shandy dress
Marukin Pose
::Designer Circle::.  .::PiNK CHERRY: One shoulder Georgia dress
Loordes of London  Killing Time
Anybody Deluxe Body Factory Plums and berries nail polish - leaves
Pelle Maya hair
Furniture pose
Some of Wispa's guests were important people from the scene, and some journalists were invited too. Our friend introduced me to them saying I was studying to be part of the press mafia, as she joked, and they were extremely nice at me. I had great time talking with them.

But the best of the party was being with my friends, and especially, being with my boyfriend. Rum was the most handsome guy in the room (sorry Marlow and Silence, he is), and we danced all night long, talking and laughing non stop.
DM poses
It was quite late in the night when  he pulled my hand proposing to explore the spooky house.
I was glad we had not accepted to join Umi and Ree in her crazy billiard competition against Marlow and Silence, cause I wanted to share some mmmm time with Rum.

  Belle poses
We looked for an empty place to hide and kiss and I couldnt believe it when he told me he would love to introduce me to his friends of the platforms projects this weekend, while I was at the village.
I felt like woooooot, yes yes yes.
Once I had accepted his secret side as anti terrorist hacker, I was ready to do anything he needed to help him.

'These guys are my real family, DD. Real friends. Nothing to do with the Van der Kerk's world. Im sure you will like them, and they will love you'.

He is so sweet...
And believe me, after meeting the De la Fue witches, you are ready to meet the devil and smile.
Color Me Project A Piece of Chic top, baggy pants and booties
Purple poses
I am sorry to admit it... but they awake my darkest side!
Purple poses

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