Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wanted: Handsome guy for a dirty job

The 'stuff sales room HEYDRA Frederyk Jacket
Vestige poses Brennan poses
This is your story.
The guy is a rebel, trying to find his place in the world.
He is studying arts at the campus. 
He has a job as waiter at the same cafe where twice a week plays guitar for tips.
His family is quite wealthy, but he wants to fly free, so he doesnt accept any money from them.
He always has problems with the authority, he is dangerous and mean, and able to take care of himself.
*Dita Couture*  Men T-shirt (Villain)
AsHmOoT Jeans Coll_Male Low Waist
Vestige poses Brennan poses

We have booked the basement of the building where the subject lives, thats your flat. Not Buckingham palace, but fits your role. You may see her before you meet her in class, but dont talk to her, not to her friends. You will officially meet her at literature class, from there, its all up to you.

We want weekly reports.
You are being paid as a prince for this rat's job, if you dont progress at fair speed,  you ll be fired with no warning. And if you betray us, you are f**ked.

Any question?

What was the girl's name again?


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