Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to the team

Vestige poses Dangerous poses
AsHmOoT _Jeans Coll_Male Low Waist
Orion - Drake top 
I was sitting next to the door. When this boy arrived, the teacher was just saying good morning and organizing her things on the table, so he was not really late.
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The boy bent to me and asked if this was the literature class, I said it was.
'May I take this sit?'
He sat next to me and I came back to my texting Rum.
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Rum was in class too, so we had to send each other million kisses and come back to our respective real worlds.
Then the teacher was saying the semester work was about writing a research paper . She was dividing the class in work teams and giving each team directions...
The teacher asked the new guy his name, and told him he needed to join one of the work teams... She looked around and asked me how many people were in my team. I just had MOna's name in my list, she was not in class but I knew she would want to team with me. The teacher asked me if it would be ok for the new boy to join my team, and of course I accepted him, poor man, not his fault to be new.
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Vestige poses
Loordes of London  Pour le Pied
::Designer Circle::. Pink Cherry Crown slink nails hud
 *Luckie* Boss Bitch Tote

At the end of the class, he thanked me, an told me,
'May I invite you to have a coffee or a coke or a beer or whatever people drink between one class and next? I think i need someone to explain how does this course work'.
'A coke will be fine' , I smiled, he looked like a tough badass, reminded me of Marlow.
So I have a new friend. His name is Indigo, and I have the feeling MOna is going to love to have him in our team :)

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