Friday, September 25, 2015

What a coincidence!

The girls were chatting while looking through the window about someone 'hot' who was outside.  I came to check and...
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What? My new classmate? What was he doing there? I had a coke with him the day before, talking about the classes, he was new at college, had arrived late after the beginning, and I thought it was clear that I was being just nice and friendly!
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Vestige poses Project runaway

And now he was outside my building? Was he stalking me?
I was going to tell the girls when Umami said, 'I admit he is cute,  but Jerry still is my favorite neighbour', and they laughed.
'Yeah, DD, look at that hottie, he rented the basement', joked Ree.
'He is Indigo,  the boy i told you about yesterday , my new classmate'.
'Woot, what a coincidence!', and Umi proposed to invite him to have a coffee, but we were late to meet Marlow who was coming with his van. When we went down stairs, Indigo was gone.

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