Sunday, October 18, 2015

I woke up to keep dreaming

I woke up in a warm and unknown room.
I heard and smelled a fireplace, and when I opened my eyes the light coming through the curtains looked amazing.
Where was I?
1HUNDRED Everyday Undies
Furniture pose
  [ImpEle] Poses
Our bags were there, but where was Rum? So i went to the door.
1HUNDRED Everyday Undies
  [ImpEle] Poses
A chilly breeze welcomed me. Woot. My room was a caravan on a beach. There were others around the place, and in the distance I could see a big poster announcing the entrance to the Underwater park.
Le Poppycock- poses
And then I heard, 'Love!' , and Rum ran to me, holding me close.
'Morning', he said.
'This place is like a dream, Rum, i love it! Its going to be a an amazing weekend!'
He kissed me. Have I told you he is best kisser ever?
'Its being already amazing. Wow, DD, I never expected something like that! You guys rock!'
I rushed to get dressed. I couldnt wait to begin exploring the park!
[ArmaDus] for The Mad Circus Event Gypsy Caravan w/furniture poses
Icons Of Style - Ground floor spots and flowers

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