Friday, October 2, 2015

My neighbour's low waist jeans

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I have always liked those days of fall, when the weather is suddenly cold, announcing the winter will soon be here.
Rum and I take long walks cause the campus is full of trees and they look a-m-a-z-i-n-g all orange and golden.
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Today we were back from one of those walks when we met Indigo in the front yard. busy with some empty boxes.
'This is the new neighbour, the one I met at class', I told Rum, and we went to say hello.
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He was not surprised to see me, cause he had met Ree and Umi and they had told him I lived there, but we commented what a coincidence blah blah blah
He  told us he was still finishing to unpack. Rum offered to help him if he need to move furniture or something, but Indigo said it was not necessary.
'I have few sh*t', were his words.
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Rum is always so easygoing,  he makes instant friends with everybody.
But it was a bit surprising  when we said bye, and  this guy winked at me saying, 'see u with the usual coffee on monday'.
What usual coffee? I had one only coffee with him the other day, when we met at class.
I told Rum, and added I thought he was a bit weird.
'And isnt it too cold to not wear a shirt?'

'Yeah. And it would be nice if he pushes his jeans  up a bit before you meet on monday'.
Oh my, so true! I laughed so much I couldnt walk.

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