Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trip to the Sea Park

We are on a trip to the Sea park.

I loved the moment, at the Halloween party, when  I told Rum we had to go. In fact I wished we could stay, cause the party was very fun and we all were having great time.
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'We have to go? Why? Are you ok, love?'
I made him follow me outside the house, where we met Ree, Umi, Silence and Marlow, already waiting for us. Then we explained that we had booked a weekend at the Sea park, cause we wanted to give him a birthday surprise.
'You guys  did what? For my birthday?'
He is so sweet... He looked at me and I nodded, and then he smiled, and said, 'Wow, I... I  dont know what to say, ... wow!', and  I saw he was really in shock.
The way he feels so touched every time someone does something for him makes me like his family even  less. Its like if he didnt think he deserves to be loved.
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Vestige poses  The Academy Awards
I noticed our friends were surprised when he covered his face, unable to hide his emotions, but Marlow, who knows Rum quite well,  gave him a bear hug saying, happy birthday bro! and he managed to smile and hug everybody, shouting 'best f**king gift ever!', making us laugh.

So Silence is driving now, Umi sits by his side, and Rum and I are at the back of the van, talking about his friends at the Platform's Project, while Marlow and Ree, on the next sit, are kissing non stop...

(to  be continued)

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