Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doing what she likes

Plowwies The Thunder jammies
SHE -Vestige Creations Carol poses
 OPOPOP at the Fantasy Gacha // LittleOne shorts
She likes it when I call in sick to work...spend the whole day hanging with her :)
 OPOPOP at the Fantasy Gacha // LittleOne shorts and top
Loordes of London Pour le pied shoes
DM poses 

... doing what she likes

She likes hearing how good she looks in them blue jeans
ODDITY jeans USA Grunge
Vestige Creations  Astride poses
...little kisses sweeter than sweet tea... mmmm i like doing what she likes
ODDITY  Robert denim stonewashed
EMME pose Good morning my love
And she likes it when i find a road that is dark
Can we pull up somewhere and park?
Turn the radio on and turn off the lights
I keep doing what she likes
Le Poppycock- poses
She likes it when i sing her old silly songs, throwing words where they dont belong
sometimes we laugh till we almost cry... I like doing what she likes
ODDITY Shirt -Constantine and Robert denim stonewashed
TTC pose
Like running my fingers through her long hair
lighting watermelon candles upstairs
letting them burn and holding her all night
i like doing what she likes
OPOPOP Jango jeans, shirt and Strhitch Unisex Mesh Sneakers
Purple poses
::Designer Circle::. [WellMade] Persona Outfit
old pose not available

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